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Buttons and Bobbins Mother's Day Picture Frame

Favourite Make This is actually quite a recent order and I really enjoyed making it because of the colours. One of my favourite things is matching colours and pretty buttons together. The customer requested ‘Pastel Mix’ and I really enjoyed having a little more free reign to mix and match colours and really go for it. 💛💙💜 I love this because it looks like sweets and I could just eat them all, but I won’t because I have given up sweets for lentRead More →

I’m taking part in #marchmeetthemaker, hopefully you will all learn a little about me, my business and my buttons You I am Katy and I am 32 (eeek) and I live near Northwich in Cheshire with my partner Chris. I have always lived here apart from a small stint in Lancaster when I went to University and did a fine art degree. I’m LOVE buttons (obviously), sparkly things, emojis, drinking coffee in the garden on a summers morning, cats, herbal tea, walking, cycling and generally being outdoors. I work from home in my spare room come craft studio and I am usually surrounded by buttons.Read More →